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LV-VM100 Screen 4:3 manuelle Rollo-Leinwand

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- Manually extendable roller blind projection screen, automatic locking system for variable... more

- Manually extendable roller blind projection screen, automatic locking system for variable height settings, very easy installation (without power, cables or control systems) and operation by pulling down

- Coated matt white antistatic structure, black border and black back for even dispersion of projected light, increased contrast and sharp, clear and dynamic display and alignment of films, photos and games; durable and easy to clean

- 1.1 gain, can be used for 4K, Ultra HD and active 3D projection, 160° viewing angle for a large viewing area

- Solid and lightweight metal housing for both wall mounting, ideal for private and commercial use

- Suitable for front projection


With the manually extendable roller blind screen, large images can be projected in any environment at low cost. Thanks to the automatic locking system, the screen is fixed in the desired position when pulled out. By briefly tightening the screen rolls up until the next use. The specially coated surface achieves a light yield of 30 % or higher and 100 % uniform reflection (compared to woodchip wallpaper). Roller blinds are ideal for wall or ceiling mounting in the living room, conference rooms or classrooms. They are robust and the most cost-effective solution for perfect image quality and fixed installations.

Größe: 100 Zoll
Format: 4:3
Art: Manuelle Rollo-Leinwand
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