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LV-STA100FP PRO Screen 16/9 100 inch white/black

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LV-STA100FP PRO Screen 16/9 100 inch white/black High quality screen for the projection of... more

LV-STA100FP PRO Screen 16/9 100 inch white/black

  • High quality screen for the projection of videos everywhere
  • Compact design, dense matt vinyl film, foldable
  • Applicable in indoor and outdoor areas
  • Easy assembly
  • 100 inch, 16:9 screen format

The high-quality and flexible beamer screen offers the ideal possibility to project images and videos anywhere and anytime - in front of walls as well as in outdoor areas.

The 16:9 screen format and the 100-inch diagonal offer a viewing area of 2.21 m x 1.25 m. The black coating on the back of the projector screen prevents light sources from shining through, ensuring perfect image quality. The black border also provides better optical contrast. The foldable DIY projector screen is the ideal choice for movie nights, classroom training, presentations in conference rooms, public exhibitions or a private open air cinema. The projection screen can be easily installed for immediate use anywhere and is suitable for mounting with hooks or cords on walls, ceilings, trees, etc. In this way, the screen can be installed in the ideal position at any location.

The matt visible surface ensures an even distribution of light and, with optimum image and colour rendition, an unforgettable viewing experience.

  • Viewing area of 2.21 m x 1.25 m
  • Material: PVC
  • eyelets: 20 eyelets
  • Accessories: Tapes, hooks, 2 cords
  • Packaging: Folding carton
Größe: 100 Zoll
Format: 16:9
Art: Faltbare Leinwand
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Customer evaluation for "LV-STA100FP PRO Screen 16/9 100 inch white/black"
27 Apr 2020


War etwas skeptisch, ob ich das als Frau alleine aufbauen kann, aber war alles kein Problem. Bin total zufrieden und freue mich immer, wenn ich Bilder auschauen kann.

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